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Baiyoke Sky Dining Restaurant (min 2 pax) Dining Shows
Evening Enjoy the panoramic view of Bangkok and enjoy the tasty delights of our International buffet. Bangkok Sky Restaurant located at the 76th and 78th Storeys of Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Bangkok Sky Restaurant is the second highest* restaurant in the whole of Thailand. River Prawns, Rock Lobsters, Scallops, Crabs cooked in various styles such as Grilled Rock Lobster, Grilled Scallop, Grilled Seafood Skewer, Seafood Salad, Shrimps Cocktail, Spicy Seafood Soup, Fried Crab in Curry Powder, Steamed Prawns in salt, Tempura Seafood or Teppanyaky seafood with unlimited soft drinks. After meal, you can access to the observation and revolving roof decks, which offers its visitors a spectacularly unobstructive view of Bangkok in all its panoramic glory. 1650
Thai Dinner and Thai Dance at Silom Village Dining Shows
Evening When you are tired after an exciting day's sightseeing, a delightful way to spend a relaxing evening is over a delicious Thai meal. Thai food is popular all over the world for its subtle and harmonious blending of spicy, sharp, savoury and sweet flavours. While you are enjoying this tasty repast, you'll be entertained by a spectacle once enjoyed by Thai kings of the past, as Thai classical music and dance was performed only for the inner court. Each gesture in the exquisitely graceful dance has meaning and takes years of practice to master. Thai music is unique and you will thrill to instruments you are not familiar with, played by consummate musicians. 1550
Thai Dinner and Classic Dance at Oriental Sala Rim Nam (min 2 pax) Dining Shows
3 hrs The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok is one of the finest establishments in Thailand and is home to the very special Sala Rim Naam restaurant. Situated just across the river from the hotel, guests sit on pillows at low tables in the bronze-trimmed, teak and marble dining-hall. Authentic Thai cuisine is served whilst you relax and enjoy traditional Thai music and dancing from various stages of history. You'll also be treated to some beautiful folk dances as well as mock battle scenes. Perhaps you may wish to try some of the local favourites including Tom yam ghoong (Spicy blue river-prawn soup with lemongrass and straw mushrooms) and Satay gai, moo, nuea (Grilled skewered chicken, pork and beef with peanut sauce and cucumber salad relish).Prepare yourself for a wonderful experience as the elegant costumed dancers will make your evening one to remember for a long time to come. 3500
Siam Niramitr Show and Dinner(SIC) Dining Shows
Evening World-Class Spectacular Show in Bangkok, Siam Niramit - Siam, the Kingdom whose history, customs and civilization have transcended time.The land of beauty and cultural treasures that have descended down through centuries. Rejoice the glory of ancient Siam and by fascinated by the wonder and grandeur of Siam Niramit, Siam - the Enchanted Kingdom. The Theme: Travel back through time into the history and culture of the Kingdom of Siam. You will be amazed and captivated by Journey Back Into History: Travel back into ancient civilizations and be stunned by splendid and diverse cultures that become the roots of the distinctive Thai ways of life. Journey Beyond Imagination: Karma, deeds of Mevit and Sin, destines where our spirits will be in the next lives. The dramatic portrait of the three Worlds of Hell, Heaven and Mythical Forest will just take your breath away. Journey Through Joyous Festivals: To ascend to Heaven, Thais hold merit-making Festivals through our the year. You will be delighted by variety of wonderful, colourful and joyous festivities and celebrations. What was life like in old Siam! Find out for yourself at the Thai village where the unique architecture, music and costumes are revived. And not only can you see how Thailand delicate and ornate handicrafts are made, you try to create them yourselves! 1850
Calypso Cabaret Show Dining Shows
1.15 hrs CALYPSO - 28 years ago its first performance and today stronger than ever.Names of cabarets, shows, entertainment venues all over the world are famous and numerous and all stride for excitement sparing nothing on lights, sounds and sets.&lt;br&gt;CALYPSO was lucky to meet the rare talents and astounding beauty of its THAI TRANSGENDER ARTISTS and since created this show with their uniqueness as the absolute center of the stage.&lt;br&gt;The presentation of these outstanding performers as a show of strength of mind, celebrating the human diversity, communicating the spirit of tolerance and most of all the roller coaster joy of a LIVE STAGE filled with music, dance, beauty and PEOPLE FOR PEOPLE WHO LOVE PEOPLE.&lt;br&gt;Pleasure to see you at Asiatique the Riverfront where we perform. &lt;br&gt;SHOW TIME: 8:15 PM and 9:45 PM 900
Calypso Cabaret Show and Dinner with Thai Traditional Dance Dining Shows
3 hrs Bangkok has now edged out London as the world's top travel spot. Tourists come to enjoy the party scene, but Bangkok's nightlife has much more to offer. Calypso Cabaret gives you the chance to enjoy a dinner of traditional Thai food while watching traditional Thai dance. Enjoy a meal at Calypso Cabaret's cavernous dining venue and catch a glimpse into Thai tradition and history with Khon dance.&lt;br&gt;Fresh Thai Food To Suit Your Palate&lt;br&gt;We serve only fresh food sourced from local ingredients. Choose among Thai classics like Tom Yum Kung, Green Curry with chicken, Thai Fish Cake, lemongrass and shrimp that carries the full spectrum of Thai flavors - sweet spicy, bitter and salty. For dessert, we suggest Khao Tang Nha Tang, crispy rice with coconut dipping sauce. The Calypso kitchen staff can accommodate everyone's tastes from mild to spicy.&lt;br&gt;Khon - Traditional Thai Dance&lt;br&gt;Khon is a traditional Thai dance form that was originally reserved for the royal court. Khon dance routines recount epic poems and hero stories from Thai history. Not a Thai history buff? You don't need to know everything about Thai history to appreciate the elaborate costumes and refined dance forms.&lt;br&gt;Today, you don't have to be royalty to enjoy Khon. It's performed across the country, but its popularity has declined against modern entertainment like movies and karaoke. In the face of that decline, Calypso Cabaret takes enormous pride in carrying on the tradition of Khon. Be sure to book your dinner seat where you can watch Khon before the Calypso main show! &lt;br&gt;Pleasure to see you at Asiatique the Riverfront where we perform. &lt;br&gt;Dinner Starts: 6:30 PM&lt;br&gt;SHOW TIME: 8:15 PM and 9:45 PM 1500
Mambo Cabaret Show Dining Shows
1:15 hrs Experience Bangkok's exciting night life with the Mambo cabaret Show. Thai transvestites are renowned for their beauty and femininity. You will not believe how stunning they actually are when made up and wrapped in sexy evening dresses and excessive stilettos! Broadway high kicks, mimed pop songs, choreographed dance backing and melodrama all add to the fun of this tongue-in-cheek concert.<br>SHOW TIME: 7:15 PM , 8:30 PM and 10:00 PM 1000
Playhouse Magical Cabaret Show Dining Shows
1:15 hrs The Playhouse Magical Cabaret is an exciting mix of live theater, cabaret, illusions and lady boy shows in Bangkok, featuring beautiful Thai dancers, live singers and stunning stage designs that creates scenes from around the world!We are located at the Bazaar Theater in the beautiful Suan lum Night Bazaar and have two shows every night!This 70-minute non-stop roller coaster of entertainment includes cultural Thai & Chinese performances, Broadway, Classical Ballet, Disney, Bollywood, Hip Hop & Contemporary dance styles, integrated with live singing and famous pieces from International Musicals that are sure to entertain visitors from around the world.Inside the theater you will be surrounded by fine artwork and have access to panoramic stage views.<br>Our show is suitable for all age groups so you can treat yourself and your entire family to a night out at one of the best evening attractions.<br>Pleasure to see you at The Bazaar Theater Suan Lum Night Bazaar (Ratchadaphisek Road) <br>SHOW TIME: 7:00 PM and 8:30 PM 1500
Yaowarat Evening Food Tour (min 2 pax) Dining Shows
3.5 hrs Yaowarat, Bangkok's Chinatown, is the World's most renowned street food destination and the local favorite dining district. On this early night adventure, we bring to you discover the sophisticated flavors of Bangkok's 200 years old community that is rich with Thai-Chinese tradition & delicious food. During the tour you will walk to explore & taste local cuisines from 7 famous eateries, varied from street food vendors to renowned Thai-Chinese diners. Between each tasting location, you will get behind-the-scene exposure of this unique neighborhood: meeting the food bazaar's lively characters, hearing its memorable stories, and visiting religious and cultural landmarks. It's our goal to provide you with a delicious and unique adventure that will highlight your Bangkok trip with the most memorable foodie experience.<br> This 3.5 hours tour aims to help visitors unveil the secret of Chinatown through its various tastes and fascinating tradition. As recommended by CNN Travel, our Yaowarat Night Foodie Walk is just a perfect trail for those seeking to experience Bangkok's must-visit streets as you have already seen in numerous of travel shows and big-hit movies, including Hangover Part II. 2800
Evening Food by Tuk Tuk Adventure Dining Shows
3 hrs Food and tuk tuks! Two of the things that Bangkok is most famous for and one of the best way to spend an evening! On this food tour we combine them with a little bit of mystery for a fantastic evening of eating and adventure as we whizz around Bangkok.<br>This food adventure gives you a local's perspective on night time eating in Bangkok. We will travel by tuk tuk as we explore the food in both the historical center of the city and more local areas.<br>We will whizz off to pick up some street snacks in a local street food paradise where will we sample a selection of items ranging from one of Bangkok's most famous pork satays (Moo Satay) to fresh spicy chili dips (Nam Prik).<br> What will follow is a diverse range of unique food stops and a little bit of mystery. We will change some of the stops on a regular basis to add an element of mystery but you will no doubt sample a combination of curries, regional specialties and sweet surprises as we go. At at least one of the stops we will grab a beer with your food.<br> We will finish in Chinatown - possibly Bangkok's most famous street for street food. Here we will sample a selection of Chinese Thai desserts including the famous sesame dumplings in ginger soup (Bua Loy Nam Ging). 2500

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